What can we do after the automatic voltage regulator AVR is damaged?

Nowadays,the diesel generator sets are basically equipped with generator automatic voltage regulator AVR, but sometimes the generator automatic voltage regulator AVR will also fail to generate electricity, some people directly new generator AVR to replace the old AVR approach to solve. When the user went to do so, found that the new AVR lost its function after a few minutes of use, and then complained about the bad quality of the AVR. Its AVR damage to be solved by the following reasons to analyze.

1, AVR circuit by the rectifier main circuit, voltage detection circuit, compare the three parts of the control circuit.

2,Excluding the possibility of damage caused by the quality of the original electrical components themselves, in the whole AVR circuit, the main circuit and comparative control circuit has the largest change in operating frequency.

3, The main circuit of the rectifier bridge and comparison circuit in the transistor changes more frequently, its damage ratio accounted for more than 90% of the entire AVR damage rate; in view of the AVR on the imported generator is a non-disassembly parts, damaged to replace the new.

4, The AVR on the generator damage, as far as possible to avoid damage to the AVR is the most important, as long as the use of appropriate, can Improve the service life of the AVR. The more stable the generator voltage, the less frequent the changes within the AVR.

5, The smaller the switching action of the transistor in the comparison circuit, the smaller the chance of AVR damage, the output load is relatively stable, the smaller the frequency of change within the AVR, the smaller the switching action of the transistor in the comparison circuit, the smaller the chance of AVR damage.

6,The more stable the speed of the diesel engine, the smaller the oscillation impact of the changing current on the AVR; regular “wandering” and overload, the three-phase load difference is too large is the main cause of AVR damage; choose the generator set with E, F, C fuel system, due to the small frequency changes, the use of generator automatic voltage regulator AVR will be more reliable.

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