What if the engine won’t turn off?

The fundamental reason for not being able to turn off is that the fuel supply in the cylinder cannot be interrupted with the operator’s operation, that is, because the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump cannot be cut off.


  • There is a problem with the adjustment of the flameout cable, and the oil pump cannot be cut off.
  • Fuel leaks into the intake manifold.
  • The plunger spring breaks the hairpin or the oil volume adjustment lever is stuck.
  • The oil cutoff solenoid valve is faulty or the control circuit is faulty, and the engine cannot cut off the oil.

Diagnosis and repair methods

  • Adjust the length of the flameout cable so that when the flameout cable is pulled to the bottom, the high-pressure pump is in the oil-cut state.
  • Check the fuel filter seat for cracks and fuel leakage to the intake manifold.
  • If the plunger spring breaks the hairpin or the oil volume adjustment pull (tooth) rod is stuck, the engine cannot be turned off, and it should be eliminated according to the “flying car” treatment method.
  • The VE type rotor distribution fuel injection pump is equipped with an electromagnetic fuel cut-off valve in the fuel system. When the power key is turned off, the electromagnetic fuel cut-off valve should cut off the fuel supply. If the fire cannot be turned off after turning off the key, check whether the power supply is cut off. If the power is cut off, it means that the solenoid valve is stuck or the valve is not sealed, and it should be adjusted and repaired.
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