What should I do if the generator suddenly turns off during operation?

generator running in a sudden stall how to do?
engine in operation suddenly stalled refers to the engine work, non-personal operating factors and rapid flameout, flameout can not start again after the phenomenon. The phenomenon is generally due to mechanical failure.

(1) Causere

  1. Injector pump drive teeth broken, transmission gear failure.
  2.  Injection pump shaft breakage.
  3. The engine internal moving parts are stuck.
  4.  Injector pump lever and connecting pin fall off.

(2) Diagnosis and treatment method

Sudden stalling in operation is the most common in gasoline engines, mainly caused by circuit ignition failure. The diesel engine is mainly caused by the injection pump cut-off fault, followed by the engine internal jamming. When encountering this phenomenon, first check whether the injection pump rotation and oil supply.

  1. Drive the engine with the starter, if it can rotate normally, observe whether the injection pump camshaft rotates, if the rotation is normal, it means the injection pump is not faulty. Check whether the operation mechanism works normally. You can pull the throttle lever to see if the linkage of the manipulating arm and the manipulating shaft is good.
  2.  If the injection pump camshaft does not rotate, the camshaft gear fastening bolt is loose, the camshaft is broken or the gear in the gear room is faulty.
  3.  If the starter can not run the engine, it means that it is an internal engine failure. Such as piston and cylinder jammed, crankshaft and bearing seized, injection pump plunger jammed and mechanical failure of the gas distribution mechanism. Under normal circumstances should first open the valve cover inspection. If the operation from the instrumentation reflects the oil pressure is too low or temperature is too high, it is necessary to directly for the specific situation for maintenance.
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