What should I do if the temperature of the diesel generator is too high?

Diesel generator overheating will also form the oil temperature rise, prompting the lubrication role of weakening, to the normal work of diesel engines bring great trouble. There are many reasons, the following we list the main reasons for the diesel generator temperature is too high:

1, diesel generator set long-term use of hard water, generator set use, the water tank temperature, then the water tank and waterways everywhere will form a large amount of scale, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

2, the generator set seriously burn oil, resulting in too much carbon, poor heat dissipation.

3, diesel generator internal intake and exhaust valves are not closed, valve clearance is too small, too much carbon in the combustion chamber, or uneven oil supply in each cylinder of the diesel engine, will make the heat in the cylinder is not issued, the formation of the cylinder internal temperature is high.

4, the generator body and cylinder head waterway impurities deposited too much, so that the water circulation is not smooth, causing poor heat dissipation.

5, diesel generator operation improper use. Start the diesel generator should first use the small and medium throttle warm-up period, not suddenly increase the throttle, increase the load, otherwise it will make the diesel generator work poorly, the temperature rises. Or diesel generator overload for a long time, will also lead to diesel generator temperature is too high.

6, the oil supply time is too late to cause diesel generators overheating.

7, insufficient cooling water, and cause diesel generators overheating.

8, immediately after repair into full-load operation, easy to cause moving parts overheating, or jammed due to too small a fit clearance.

You can take the following steps:

  • Check if the cooling system is working properly, make sure the coolant circulates smoothly and the cooler and water pump are working properly.
  •  Check if the oil is sufficient and the oil pump is working properly to ensure that the lubrication system is working properly.
  • Check the load of the generator, if the load is too high, reduce the load or increase the number of generators to balance the load.
  • Check if the air filter is clean and make sure the engine gets enough oxygen supply.

If the above measures are ineffective, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel for overhaul.

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